Schulich AeroDesign
About Us

About Us

SAE Aerodesign West 2017-502

Our Approach

Schulich Aerodesign at the University of Calgary is a team run by undergraduate students devoted to building a community focused on developing a space for like-minded students interested in aerospace engineering and aviation.

We aim to design and build an RC controlled aircraft which competes in the annual SAE Aero Design Collegiate Design Series.


Providing our members with opportunities for career and personal
development while also supporting campus and community initiatives to create an environment dedicated to learning and applying Aerospace Engineering principles.


Our vision is to perform exceptionally as a competitive team at the annual SAE Aero Design competition. We aim to improve our placement and work year after year. By increasing the awareness of Aerospace Engineering and its vast applications at the University of Calgary, we can continue to bring together a strong, dedicated and competitive group of students every year.

Did you know

Schulich Aerodesign is a student club that is part of the aerospace network at the University of Calgary.

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