Schulich AeroDesign


This is the year of adversity for our club. Unfortunate issues with shipping and customs resulted in our team having to persevere and go the extra mile to ensure our regular class plane was ready for technical inspections. Unfortunately, the regular class plane was unable to fly this year as a result. This was an excellent learning opportunity for all the engineering students as it taught a valuable lesson in management and the administrative side of project development and management.

2016-2017 Schulich Aerodesign Regular Class Plane

This was also the year Schulich Aerodesign for the first year attempted a Micro-Class plane for the SAE Aero Design competition. This was a success for the group developing it as they finished very competitively against their peers.

2016-2017 Schulich Aerodesign Micro-Class

Competition Placement

Regular Class

  • 19th place in the oral presentation
  • 17th place in the design report
  • Did not place in the flight rounds
  • 17th place overall finish


  • 4th place in the oral presentation
  • 17th place in the design report
  • 4th place in flight rounds
  • 4th place overall finish

The success of our Micro-Class team would later inspire the project leads towards pursuing a leadership role in the club for the following year. Helping to develop their interpersonal skills along with their strong technical knowledge.