Schulich AeroDesign


The 2017-2018 plane was unique from the previous planes as it was the largest plane we have built. It had a 12-ft wingspan and a fully-loaded weight of almost 50lbs.

During the competition, we had minor setbacks with the technical inspection and with one of our spars being defective. The team overnight pulled together and exemplified true teamwork to have the plane ready for inspection and flight rounds by the next morning. The team was successful in achieving flight and completing the flight track.

2017-2018 Schulich Aerodesign Plane

Competition Placement

  • 18th place in the oral presentation
  • 27th place in the design report
  • 25th place in flight rounds
  • The overall ranking of 26th place

This was a disappointing year for the club and a lot of lessons were learned through our interactions with judges, professionals and other teams.