Schulich AeroDesign


The 2018-2019 plane incorporated a multitude of unique design changes across the plane. Our largest design change was the development of a tail boom, which spanned 3ft of the total length. This would lower the empty weight of the plane, allowing for a larger passenger payload being lifted.

During the competition, we improved heavily in the oral presentation and design report categories, finishing in the top 30% of all regular class teams. Our flight rounds brought down the overall performance of the team as the plane crashed in flight during the flight rounds. This year showed there is still room for improvement with the planes the club designs and builds.

2018-2019 Schulich Aerodesign Plane

Competition Placement

  • 13th place in the oral presentation
  • 11th place in the design report
  • 23rd place in flight rounds
  • The overall ranking of 16th place

The 2018-2019 plane was the best finish we have managed to achieve at this competition for the regular class. This year allowed our members to learn and create effective solutions to problems we have experienced in previous years. The clubs management skills, design skills and manufacturing skills all improved through the creation of this plane.