Schulich AeroDesign


This year was very different for Aerodesign. We faced many unique challenges that offered us opportunities to learn and grow. Due to the covid 19 pandemic, the SAE Aero Design West competition was held virtually, as such, we competed with our technical presentation and design report only.

The Design philosophy for this year focused on modularity (designing and creating parts that were easy to assemble/disassemble and were independent of each other),easier and more accurate manufacturing processes (the utilization of software’s to aid in manufacturing), and a reflection on SAED’s work over the past years (to recognize success and failures in order to achieve improvement).

Competition Placement

Regular Class

  • 3rd place in the oral presentation
  • 21st place in the design report
  • 9th place overall finish

We did exceptionally well this year in the oral presentation category! We also achieved our best overall finish to date. We hope to move forward and build on the success of this year, while continuously improving on our failures and overcoming new challenges.